To Cycle the Great North Road

To Cycle the Great North Road

by Spencer

A day’s ride on the GNR. Hard to describe. Mostly absolutely banal. But sometimes – like when the trucks pass each other and you have take a detour into a ditch, or when you’re riding after dark and you have no idea what crevasse lies ahead in the dark unlit abyss – the ride was absolutely terrifying.

True and hard to comprehend: The Great North Road is the only road servicing the couple million residents of Central and Northern Zambia. This is Zambia’s I95 – most everything else is a dirt track.

edited 1/1/2015

2 responses to “To Cycle the Great North Road”

  1. Every problem has a simple and logical solution.

    In your case that means hit the dirt roads:), no more big trucks. Your making the classic mistake of being in a hurry and taking the shortest route….

    Good luck with the rest of your trip.


    • Your argument is sound! I wish I had another two months to pad into this venture. I’m attempting to do far too much in too little time. Creating content, fixing the bicycle and cycling! Next time…

      Excited for your journey?

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