The MV Liemba

The MV Liemba

by Spencer

We took the MV Liemba from Mpulungu in Zambia to Kigoma in Tanzania. It was insane. When we go on a cruise, we expect sunsets and pretty scenery. This, however, is the MV Liemba: yelling, banging, crying babies, chickens, cholera, muddy hallways, people sleeping on cargo, people sleeping on people.

It was an experience. Especially as a TV crew from the History Channel rented out the boat, kind of, and were very happy to use their power as they pleased. I learned a lot. I’ll write more later.

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  1. Yeah! guys  I say congraturation cause you are so strong in cycling as I saw you in Rwanda. Great!

  2. Researching this ex-Kaiserliche Marine (Germany) ship from 1913 for a coming article for , I found this website. Awesome bike trip, awesome photo’s (pleasantly wikki common, thanks).

    The old lady really still works at age 101. Not on the original triple expansion steam engine anymore (diesels since 1970), but still. Fantastic. In the coming article (Mans’ Brulding – Mans’ Roar in English) I’ll link the site, the bike trip and -of course-

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