Slept Here: Rural Ugandan Maternity Ward

Slept Here: Rural Ugandan Maternity Ward

by Spencer

Spend a night in the maternity ward to a rural African clinic, and you gain perspective. There was no soap, no clean linens, no running water, no electricity. And yet, they were so kind. Ben asked if there was a way to boil water, so we could make our rice. The clinic had a stove. They clearly hadn’t used it much before; gas spilled onto the floor. A pregnant woman came to give birth. The flames shot up three feet high. Ben and I thought the stove was going to explode and everyone was going to die. The woman was led to a bed. They gave us a pineapple. Even insisted we sleep on blood stained beds. (Awkward!) They were so kind.

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  1. I am happy to see so many more stories on the website. They are really inpiring. The last time I checked you had been hit by a car in Zimbabwe but it now I see many stories and images of you riding strong on the Great North Road. Keep living the dream of riding to Addis Ababa.

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