Ep 3: Richard Doesn’t Die (Yet)

by Spencer

It took me three days to upload this video… Someday (maybe stateside) it’ll come to you in the full HD glory that was intended. Meantimes, I hope you enjoy!

Music >>>>
The Blue Danube composed by Johann Strauss.
When Morning Came written by Tim Durian and performed by the Trolleys.
Every Dog Has It’s Day written and performed by Flogging Molly.

Lake Tanganyika!

Mr. Ledley I Presume?

by Spencer

We found Richard! Amiably lounging on the shores of Lake Tanganyika! The airline found his bicycle and he got himself to a far end of the world, to Mpulungu, Zambia. Today we catch the MV Limba in an attempt to cross Lake Tanganyika and enter Tanzania. It’s been trolling these waters on and off for a century. It even sank and was then reconstructed. No one knows when it leaves or how much it costs but today looks to be our lucky day.

The Drama Continues!!

by Spencer

For the next couple weeks, we’ll have an additional guest, Richard, left, of New York City. The plan is simple-ish: He’ll meet us in Mpulungu, Zambia, where we’ll all catch the ferry across Lake Tanganyika to Tanzania. We’d then cycle for two weeks, up from northern Tanzania, through Burundi, to Kigali in Rwanda. But of course, nothing can go according to plan! The airline has lost his bicycle!

The ferry only leaves once every two weeks. There are no flights. The bus takes twice as long. Will Richard get his bicycle in time to make the ferry? Will he too end up hospitalized? Will someone zip down one of Burundi’s famed mountains into an oncoming truck??? Stay tuned! The adventure continues!

Speaking of, in Burundi they drive on the right side of the road, right? Anyone know?