Ep 3: Richard Doesn’t Die (Yet)

by Spencer

It took me three days to upload this video… Someday (maybe stateside) it’ll come to you in the full HD glory that was intended. Meantimes, I hope you enjoy!

Music >>>>
The Blue Danube composed by Johann Strauss.
When Morning Came written by Tim Durian and performed by the Trolleys. thetrolleysband.com
Every Dog Has It’s Day written and performed by Flogging Molly. floggingmolly.com

Lake Tanganyika!

The MV Liemba

by Spencer

We took the MV Liemba from Mpulungu in Zambia to Kigoma in Tanzania. It was insane. When we go on a cruise, we expect sunsets and pretty scenery. This, however, is the MV Liemba: yelling, banging, crying babies, chickens, cholera, muddy hallways, people sleeping on cargo, people sleeping on people.

It was an experience. Especially as a TV crew from the History Channel rented out the boat, kind of, and were very happy to use their power as they pleased. I learned a lot. I’ll write more later.

Mr. Ledley I Presume?

by Spencer

We found Richard! Amiably lounging on the shores of Lake Tanganyika! The airline found his bicycle and he got himself to a far end of the world, to Mpulungu, Zambia. Today we catch the MV Limba in an attempt to cross Lake Tanganyika and enter Tanzania. It’s been trolling these waters on and off for a century. It even sank and was then reconstructed. No one knows when it leaves or how much it costs but today looks to be our lucky day.